In the past of have competed in showjumping, showing (both in hand and ridden arabs and coloureds) but dressage has always been my first love.  I have mainly competed in dressage over the past 20 years and have enjoyed success up to medium level. I have competed at and been placed at Area Festivals, competed at Regional Championships and competed very succesfully at Trailblazers Championships.


I am extremely interested in how we, as riders, influence and cause compensatory patterns in our horses and vice-versa, which led me to qaulify as an Equine Massage Therapist in order for me to be able to assess and treat any such patterns.  This has also sparked an interest in rider bio-mechanics and I am in the final stages of becoming an Equipilates Affiliated Intructor.


I have never been in a financial position to ride so called `mega-horses' and have trained my everyday type horses from young horses to the higher levels. I feel that this an important quality when training as I know how to maximise the physical limitations of `everyday horses'.  These horses are immensly rewarding for me to work with as they are so generous and eager to please.  I have also had experience with `hot' horses having trained my extremely sensitive trakhener from a 4 year old to medium level.  Although sometimes frustrating, I learnt so much whilst training this horse (Bob), who you may have come accross elsewhere on the site.


I strive to train in a way which is logical, progressive and fair on the both horse and rider, and is easy to understand.  I am flexible in my approach and appreicate that riders and horses learn in different ways.  I will work with you to set and achieve your personal goals, whether you aim to continue to develop and progress as a competitive rider or just want to feel that you are giving your horse the best chance of understanding and doing his/her best for you.  I appreciate that riders find enjoyment in different ways, whether it is the thrill of winning or the satisfaction of hacking down the road without feeling nervous, I am happy to work with you.




Leonie Alldrick UKCC2 & ESMT Dip

(Coaching and Equine Massage)

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