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Equine Sports Massage


What are the benefits of massage for your horse?


Increased Circulation - Maintaining Muscle Health - Improve General Well-Being - Restore Muscle Elasticity - Relax Muscle Spasm - Prevent Injury - Relieve Arthritis - Increase Range of Movement - Enhance Muscle Tone - Reduce Recovery Time - Calm Nervousness - Improve Proprioception


Treatments and Cost


Permission must be sought from your vet before commencement of treatments.


During your inital consultation I will assess your horse whilst moving and standing to pinpoint any weaknesses or areas of concerns and assymetry.  I will also discuss any concerns you may have and any ongoing performance/ridden issues. I will then carry out some diagnostic tests and commence the treatment.


Costs: Within a 20 mile radius (travel costs may apply further afield, although I am happy to travel. Discounts apply for multiple horses and block bookings.


Initial Consultation (as above) £35 (Approx 1.5hrs)

Ongoing Treatments inc diagnostic tests, full body massage (targetted to problem areas) and passive stretches. £30 (approx 50mins-1hr)

Warm Up/Cool Down Massage before or after exercise (approx 20 mins) £15 (this can be carried out a competition if required).


Leonie Alldrick UKCC2 & ESMT Dip

(Coaching and Equine Massage)

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