My Horses


Chester McLoud does not belong to me anymore but I must mention him as he was truly amazing and took me places I never thought I would go.  I bought Chester as a very cheap hairy, freshly 'cut' and backed 6 year old in the days before coloured horses were an everyday sight! Well, lets just say Chester exceeded all of my expectations.  Apart from being absolutely bombproof Chester turned out to be mega-talented.  We went to the Regional Championships, won showing classes, showjumped and generally had an amazing time! However his forte was jumping and he was evented by my trainer at the time and good friend, Steve Banks, who had some great successes with him.  He absolutely loved eventing and I made the difficult decision to sell him to a friend for her son to event.  He truly was my horse of a lifetime and I wish I had bought him ten years later when I knew a lot more!  He is still enjoying life as old boy!


Bobby Dazzler VIII (Bob) I bought Bob as a rising 5 year old in 2007 after I had taken him as a schooling livery.  He is a 16.1hh chesnut trakhener gelding by Fleetwater Olympus.  Bob is the most talented horse I have owned but is also the most complicated, sensitive and sharp horse I have ever ridden.  He is super clever but always lives life on the edge! During our time together competing we reached medium level gaining percentages in the high 60%'s.  We qualified for the Area Festivals and I was absolutely thrilled when he managed to cope with the buzzing atmosphere at the Trailblazers Championships to take home 4 placings including a place in the Novice Final and the Elemenary ride-off. Unforuntatley, due to injury, Bob has taken early retirment but he is still a diva!!!!  I will always be grateful to Bob for everything he taught me and am extremely proud of how far we manage to make it against the odds.


Scandalous Matilda (Tilly).  I bought Tilly as a three year old in 2006 with a veiw to bringing on and selling.  To cut a long story short...a few riders and one new home later, Tilly is now back with and being competed by myself.  Tilly has unconventional breeding for a dressage horse, being a 15.2hh piebald Arab x Coloured Cob.  Tilly is the most trainable, clever, generous little horse and has just started competing at Elementary, being placed at every competition so far, despite a few green mistakes still gaining up to 67%. We have started training at home with some medium movements and my aim is to train Tilly as far as possible, hopefully making it to advanced.  Whilst being amazing to ride Tilly has a very feisty temperament and certainly knows her own mind!


Mary. Mary is the newest recruit to the gang and is 4. I bought Mary back in August 2014 and did a little gentle hacking with her before turning her away to grow for the winter. Mary is 16.2 and growing and is (another) coloured one!  So far she has proved to be sensible, gentle and greedy. She has been back in work since late sping and has been out to a couple of dressage competitions where she did really well.  She has also been a guinea pig on my Equipilates Instructors course where she behaved really well.  She will have an easy time over the winter and willresume with her `grown up' work in the spring.






Leonie Alldrick UKCC2 & ESMT Dip

(Coaching and Equine Massage)

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