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"Jerry has certainly benefitted from the massages.  It is very apparent that he is becoming much more supple and relaxed and I am finding his way of going much more fluid.  I think he will always need a top up, perhaps once a month but I can definitely see a difference." Ann Ward



"From weekly sessions, Spot has maintained a good competition level and be able to use his hind quarters more effectively and be able to open the shoulders to allow the strides to become more equal. Spot has also altered his shape and become more equal and not tight over his top line. From witnessing Spot being treated, Leonie has a calming approach and he absolutely loves the attention and how his body feels afterwards." Claire Marston




"Leonie is a brilliant Instructor. I never thought I would do dressage again until I had lessons with Leonie" Katie Osborne


"Leonie is an amazing instructor, such a confidence giver, got me places I never thought I'd have ever had the confidence to go!! I couldn't thank her enough.highly recommend!!" Helen Brittain



"We recently bought a lovely young horse and my daughter Sian has had regular lessons with Leonie ever since. They have both come on so much. Darcy goes beautifully and Sian's riding skills have really been polished up. And best of all, Leonie makes the lessons fun!!" Kay Followell



Leonie Alldrick UKCC2 & ESMT Dip

(Coaching and Equine Massage)

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